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We’re looking for the brightest students to join a wide range of courses including Business & Management, Education, Psychology, Engineering, IT, Law, Nursing, and Veterinary Science. Browse more than 200 courses and apply to start in 2017.


Student stories

Picture of Christopher Andrews

Christopher Andrews

“I’m passionate about fitness, and I believe that children need good role models. I really want to be that person.”

It was my friends who told me that Murdoch was a fantastic university, so I thought I’d better check it out. Knowing that there was a lot of support and they were going to help you all the way through – that support has definitely helped me as a mature age student and I feel a lot more comfortable at university.

I want to be a primary school teacher. That is my dream. My tutors have taught me so much and they’ve enabled me to be the person, as well as the primary school teacher, that I know I can be.


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Picture of Katie Southwell

Katie Southwell

“I got the opportunity to do the Murdoch Arts internship at Black Swan State Theatre Company this year. I was paired with great mentors, and worked in production and PR.”

I went in thinking my time at Black Swan State Theatre Company was going to be purely observational. But I got paired with great mentors, and they told me to go for it! I got to physically build professional-scale stage sets and help out the whole crew.

With the PR side, I got to develop media kits. It was pretty cool to have one of my articles published in the program for the Next To Normal production.


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Picture of Kurt Senior

Kurt Senior

“All of next year is practical; I’ll be placed all over at different hospitals. I can’t wait to get hands-on in a hospital.”

I took up an opportunity to go to Thailand on a three-week rural prac. We were in Chiang Mai, which is in the north, mainly administering primary healthcare—head-to-toe health checks and a bit of chronic disease management. There’s a lot of it there.

We had no power or running water—we used rainwater from gravity fed tanks. It was a huge change from the facilities I was used to, but I really enjoyed it.


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Picture of Maria-Louisa Pots

Maria Pots

“I love the hands on aspects of the course, the pracs where we get to interact with the animals. I learned how to flip a cow by myself—it’s pretty cool.”

In the last twelve months, I’ve done pracs with pigs, cattle and horses. The cattle prac was a one-week prac. I worked very closely with one of the most renowned cattle veterinarians in Australia.

We spent five days ‘tagging’ 1,500 cattle. Tagging is a process when you run them through the raceway, which is like a path, and you put them on a cradle, which is like a table, and you flip them over for safe vaccinations.


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Picture of Emma Rigelsford

Emma Rigelsford

“I want to work in information security on an international level. I don’t think any other university gives you the real-world experience in such a specific field.”

I’ve had so many standout moments. One was learning how to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in software. We found a way to gain remote access to a computer and make it practically unusable, then came up with a solution so the business could make sure it couldn’t be affected by this kind of vulnerability in the future.

The interesting coursework, challenging assignments and knowledgeable support staff are great too.


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Picture of Alex McVey

Alex McVey

“You realise that law does actually impact people; law is a people thing. It’s not just a case law or legislation thing — It made me realise there is more to law than just what’s written on a piece of paper.”

I started off studying Law, and since then I’ve added a History degree, a minor in Social Psychology and I’m currently completing my Honours. I’ve also spent five months on exchange in Sweden and studied Human Rights in Geneva. I’m in my final year and there’s still so many amazing opportunities coming my way.

Studying at Murdoch has been so much fun. The mock trials we do through the mooting program are great and the academics make such an effort to make learning interesting and engaging. When I look back at my time here at Murdoch, it’s safe to say I wouldn’t change a thing.


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Picture of Paula Hicks

Paula Hicks

“I had to actually have a piece of paper so I could compete for the executive roles. For me, it was about going back and getting the formal qualifications to back up my years of industry experience.”

I have worked in the welfare, health and education sectors for 15 years within Aboriginal-specific roles. I went into university thinking I knew everything. It’s actually opened my eyes to the reality that you get a lot out of a university degree that you just simply can’t get from work experience. It complements what I have and gives me the theory behind what I had already been doing.

When I was in school I was so scared I would fail maths. So when I read the details for one of my business units, I questioned if I could do it. Now I know nothing can stop me if I put my mind to it. I’ve realised what it takes to get that High Distinction.


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Picture of Sharnee Reid

Sharnee Reid

“I chose Psychology because I’ve always been intrigued by people and the way they behave. I also believe that Indigenous Australians deserve more social justice. So I chose an Arts degree where I could bring these two majors together.”

This semester I’m doing an Indigenous Sustainability Unit and I’m learning so much that I’d never even thought about, so that’s exciting. The more I learnt in Indigenous Studies, the more passionate I felt about closing the gap.

My studies definitely led me to wanting a position with AIME. Mentoring Indigenous high school students has been an awesome experience. It’s really nice to see our local Indigenous youth step up and grow as individuals.


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Featured courses

Study Education at Murdoch

A class above for teaching. Think Murdoch.

This degree gives you the skills needed to teach from Kindergarten to Year 6 by covering all areas of the primary curriculum, as well as assessment and learning processes. Professional experience is a key component of this course, giving you the opportunity to engage with schools and the broader community while applying your knowledge in a range of school settings.

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Study Accounting at Murdoch

Our Business graduates get called names. Like boss. Think Murdoch.

Learn how businesses really work and what it takes to make a successful organisation by examining the effectiveness of operations, as well as how to evaluate employee performance. You will also develop the skills to make capital investment decisions for a variety of purposes, including the acquisition or sale of shares, lending of money and provision of goods on credit.

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Study Psychology at Murdoch

Psych yourself up. Think Murdoch.

Explore developments in neuroscience, cognition, perception, psychophysiology, drug dependency, clinical neuropsychology and abnormal behaviour fields while developing an understanding of how modern scientific research methods are used to further the understanding of our differences and similarities as human beings.

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Study Law at Murdoch

A Law degree without the 6 year sentence. Think Murdoch.

Take advantage of the opportunity to complete units in Switzerland and Italy, work on real cases through our collaboration with SCALES legal clinic and hone your debating skills against legal experts and students in a courtroom setting. A Murdoch Law degree combines practical experience with skills in research, writing and advocacy to prepare you for a range of career options.

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