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Kyle Hughes-Odgers   •  Help is on the Way(detail)   •  UV grade enamel spray paint on marine plywood   •  Commissioned by Murdoch University 2010   •  Image courtesy of the artist ©

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Picture of Dr. Jane Hutchison

Dr. Jane Hutchison

Senior Lecturer in Politics, School of Management and Governance

Research area

Dr. Hutchison is a political economist who specialises in social and political change and international development. At Murdoch University's Asia Research Centre, she is part of a team researching the political economy of aid effectiveness.

Projects across the world

Dr. Hutchison completed her own PhD at Murdoch University; it was a study of labour and globalisation, focusing on women workers in the export garments industry in the Philippines.

As Chair of Oxfam Australia's Board, Jane is actively involved in international NGO governance and efforts to create a world without the injustice of poverty. She is also co-authoring a book on the political economy of the aid industry in Southeast Asia, due for release in 2014.

Teaching at Murdoch

Dr. Hutchison holds the role of Academic Chair of Development Studies (postgraduate). She develops units in the School of Management and Governance and currently teaches undergraduate units on Asia-Pacific in the Global System and Sex and Gender Matter, and postgraduate units on Politics of Development, and Gender and Development.

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Picture of Mrs. Lorraine Finlay

Mrs. Lorraine Finlay

Lecturer, Murdoch University School of Law

Research area

Lorraine Finlay specialises in criminal law, constitutional law, international criminal law and public international law. Mrs Finlay's global law experience and credentials are currently being applied to research that analyses war crime trials, in particular the Iraqi High Tribunal and how it has affected the re-building process in Iraq.

Projects across the world

Mrs. Finlay has taken both her work and students from Australia to the other side of the world. She previously worked at the High Court of Australia and was selected as a Singapura Scholar with the NYU@NUS program where she was awarded a dual LL.M in Law and the Global Economy (with a concentration in Justice and Human Rights) from New York University and in International and Comparative Law from the National University of Singapore. As coordinator of Murdoch University's Law School Moot Program she's coached a number of Murdoch's international moot teams, including the winning teams at the International Maritime Law Arbitration Moot Competition and International Invitational Mediation Tournament, and finalists at the John Marshall IT and Privacy Law Moot, Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition, Sir Harry Gibbs Constitutional Law Moot and the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition.

Teaching at Murdoch

After joining Murdoch University in 2010 from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions(WA), where she worked as a State Prosecutor, Mrs Finlay has been awarded s Vice Chancellor's Citation for Excellence in Enhancing Learing(2013), MSLS Law Lecturer of the Year(2011), Dean's service Award(2010 & 2011), and Dean's Research Award Commendation(2011).

She currently coordinates and coaches students in the Law School Moot Program, and lectures in Criminal Law.

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Picture of Dr. Gerrard Poinern

Dr. Gerrard Poinern

Senior Lecturer in Physics and Nanotechnology, School of Engineering and IT

Research area

Dr. Poinern is a world renowned researcher and nanotechnology lecturer who specialises in applied nanotechnology and bionanotech. His research interests include nanoparticles for use in environmental remediation, solar and biomedical fields.

Projects across the world

Dr. Poinern discovered and pioneered the use of an inorganic nanomembrane for potential skin tissue engineering applications. He is the first State recipient of a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Global Grand Challenge Health Innovation Award for developing biosynthetic materials and their applications in the manufacture of biomedical devices. Dr. Poinern has been working on a contraceptive drug delivery device for the third world. The application of this biomedical device will be for the delivery of contraceptive drugs in many of the world's least developed countries.

Teaching at Murdoch

Dr. Poinern's inspired teaching and innovative ideas have led to six undergraduate students to win the state science innovation award and the Royal society prize of WA. Another of his postgraduate students has also won the prestigious PM Asia Endeavour award in 2010.

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Picture of Dr. Jeffrey Wilson

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson

Lecturer in Politics and International Studies, School of Management and Governance

Research area

Dr. Wilson is a political scientist who specialises in the international politics of natural resources. His work explores how resource-rich countries like Australia can cultivate economic relationships with resource-hungry powers ' such as China and India ' to safeguard global resource security.

Projects across the world

Dr. Wilson frequently contributes to policy dialogues with governments in Asia to investigate how international cooperation can help improve the resource security of regional countries. He is also a member of the First Murdoch Commission, an independent commission of enquiry examining Western Australia's economic and social ties with partners in Asia. In 2012, he was awarded the Boyer Prize by the Australian Institute of International Affairs for his work on Chinese mining investment in Australia.

Teaching at Murdoch

Dr. Wilson's teaching focuses on contemporary dynamics in Asian international affairs, exploring how rising powers in the region will drive change during the coming 'Asian Century'. He has been nominated for teaching awards at Murdoch University and the Australian National University.

Courses offered at this school

Our students

Picture of Daithi

"Why did you choose Murdoch?"

I came to work with Ancient DNA Lab. Their research is recognised around the world. It's a chance to study and understand the effects of environmental change over thousands of years. WA, with its rich biodiversity, is the perfect place for that.

Our Research Capabilities
Picture of Rebecca

"Why did you choose Murdoch?"

I really wanted to study animation and Murdoch gave me the opportunity to study under Simon Allen, who has worked as an animator at Pixar, Weta Digital in New Zealand and Lucas Arts.

Our Games Art and Design Course
Picture of Sofia

"Why did you choose Murdoch?"

John Howieson is a professor at Murdoch University working on organisms called root nodule bacteria. They are a key part of future food sustainability and therefore Murdoch is the best place to study this area.

Our Sustainability Courses
Trevor Richards   •  Workout   •  2008   •  acrylic on canvas   •  purchased by Murdoch University 2009   •  Image courtesy of the artist ©