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Student stories

Picture of Jodie Laird

Jodie Laird

Currently Studying: Electrical Power Engineering and Industrial Computer Systems Engineering

Why did you choose to study at Murdoch?

I went to one of the Open Days a few years ago and it was a really friendly, fun atmosphere on Bush Court. It got me interested.

Where is Bush Court?

It's right at the centre of Murdoch University. It's this huge lawn area.

Are there bushes?


What are your highlights studying Electrical Power Engineering?

At Murdoch we've got a lot of practical equipment, so it's not just theory and working out of textbooks. It's using different equipment and seeing how everything works in the industry. We can actually apply what we're learning.

Is there a favourite piece of equipment that you have?

I really like the P.L.C. That's a ‘Programmable Logic Controller’.

What do you love about Murdoch?

The lecturers are really, really nice. I can talk to them whenever I feel like it and that makes it so much easier to study.

Do you have a favourite lecturer you want to give a shout out to?

I have to say Gareth Lee [Senior Lecturer of Engineering]. He's awesome.

Who inspires you at Murdoch? Other than Gareth, of course.

All of the students around me. They work really hard. Because of our small class size we've really bonded together so it's like a bit of a family in our labs. We have lunch every day together.

On Bush Court?

[Laughs] Yes!

What job do you want to have once you graduate?

I've already been out on mines and gas platforms and I'm hoping to stay in the oil and gas industry. I want to have more of a practical role, as opposed to sitting at a desk. With engineering you've got global opportunities so I hope to get some travel experience and see the world with my career too.

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Picture of Alex McVey

Alex McVey

Currently Studying: Law and Arts

‘From mooting to exchange programs, studying law at Murdoch has given me opportunities I simply wouldn’t get at other universities.’

It wasn’t until I actually started my studies that I realised Murdoch’s degree structure is really flexible. I started off studying law, and since then I’ve added a history degree, a minor in social psychology and I’m currently completing my honours. I’ve also spent six months on exchange in Sweden, studied human rights in Geneva and I’ve just applied for a study tour in Japan. I’m in my final year and there are still so many opportunities available to me.

Studying at Murdoch has been so much fun. The mock trials we do through the mooting program are great and the academics make such an effort to make learning interesting and engaging. When I look back at my time here at Murdoch, it’s safe to say I wouldn’t change a thing.

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Picture of Stephen Mills

Stephen Mills

Currently Studying: Nursing

‘The practical element of the course is what I've found most rewarding. In fact, it's landed me a job already.’

I’m studying at the School of Nursing on the Peel Campus. It’s great; the facilities are really modern, and having the simulation room and realistic hospital wards means we’re studying in a real-life environment.

There’s a lot of self-directed learning in our course, so we aren’t spoon-fed information. For my first prac, I did a 3-week placement at an aged care facility and they were so impressed with my work that they offered me a job. I’ve been working there ever since.

My dad studied at Murdoch and spoke highly of it… so here I am – and I’m loving it too. The Peel campus is actually a nursing and midwifery centre, so we really get to know everyone – it’s like a little family. We get a lot of one-on-one time with the academics too, which is something you won’t get at other universities.

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Picture of Sofiya Sam

Sofiya Sam

Currently Studying: Education (Early Childhood and Primary)

‘Future employability was a major factor in my decision to come study education at Murdoch.’

I first studied anthropology and communications at another uni, but after one semester I realised it wasn’t for me and decided to change courses and unis. I love kids and learning, so I knew teaching would be something I’d enjoy. Murdoch offered the course I wanted and midyear entry, so the decision to switch was easy.

Studying here has really developed my passion for education. The courses are well run and we have touched on some really interesting things in several units that have influenced where I plan to go with my career.

That atmosphere at Murdoch is so different to what I’d experienced elsewhere. It’s so welcoming, social and inclusive. And the academics provide us with so many opportunities to succeed – I feel like I can achieve anything.

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Picture of Harshal Patel

Harshal Patel

Currently Studying: Accounting

‘I love seeing businesses develop and grow. And, through my course at Murdoch, I’m learning exactly what it takes to make a successful organisation.’

I chose Murdoch because it is well respected and has been established for a long time. They offered me a place and I accepted straight away. I’m now in the second year of my degree and I’m already in the process of applying for an accounting job in a mining company. I hope to make that my career.

Murdoch literally has everything you want in a university – convenience, a great social network and a really friendly learning environment. There are so many different cultures, ages and races studying here, and you can be friends with all of them.

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Picture of Tim Sezer

Tim Sezer

Currently Studying: Renewable Energy and Electrical Power Engineering

‘Studying engineering at Murdoch makes me feel like I’m part of the next big wave of change – a change for the better. I’d love to be part of developing new renewable technologies when I graduate.’

Renewable energy has been an interest of mine for a while. When I attended a Murdoch Open Night, the course coordinator suggested it paired well with electrical power engineering and combining the two would give me a highly desirable skill set to employers. We’re all trying to maximise our employability, so I enrolled in both as a double degree.

It’s my second year and everything’s been great so far. The material is really fascinating and I feel like I’m doing something socially responsible by helping people meet their needs in a less destructive way. Renewable energy is the next major frontier and it’s just so exciting to be part of it.

The collegial atmosphere is one of my favourite things about studying at Murdoch – you can feel it in the air! The students, the lecturers… everyone’s so helpful and we’re all working together.

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Featured courses

Study Law at Murdoch

Make a difference with Murdoch's Law degree.

You’ll study in a world-class learning environment with over 20 years’ experience and have the opportunity to complete your units in Italy, Switzerland and China. You'll hone your debating and reasoning skills against legal experts and other students in simulated professional settings and get practical experience through our legal clinic: Southern Communities Advocacy Legal Education Services (SCALES).

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Study Engineering at Murdoch

Make a difference with Murdoch’s Engineering degree.

You’ll study in facilities identical to those used around the world and be taught by researchers who have real-world experience in applying what they know to solving complex problems. You’ll gain practical and theoretical experience in developing new technologies that can help the resource sector be more sustainable.

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Study Laboratory Medicine at Murdoch

Make a difference with Murdoch’s Laboratory Medicine degree.

You’ll develop the knowledge and skills to diagnose disease in a clinical laboratory setting. You’ll study in a world class medical and health precinct which will help you build extensive practical experience in clinical diagnostic disciplines while learning on-the-job skills. You’ll graduate well prepared to pursue a career in both medical and veterinary laboratory diagnosis and research.

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Study Laboratory Medicine at Murdoch

Make a difference with Murdoch's Nursing degree.

You'll develop the knowledge and skills to provide high quality care in hospitals, aged care and community settings and have the opportunity to complete overseas clinical placements in Africa, Asia and the United Kingdom. You'll study in a real-world environment including our high quality teaching wards and state-of-the-art simulation suites which will help you gain extensive practical experience.

Thinking Nursing?   Learn more

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