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Interested in starting a university course this year? Access a globally connected education right here in Perth.

This guide will help you explore Murdoch's degrees and provide advice on qualifying and applying for university.

Access a Globally Connected Education

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Discover Law and Criminology

We believe you should have access to a globally connected Law education right here in Perth.

When you choose Law at Murdoch, you choose a dynamic and progressive legal education with Western Australia's premier undergraduate Law School.

You choose to work on real global solutions across a diverse range of topics.

You choose a world-class learning environment with a commitment to excellence in legal education for over 20 years.

You choose an award winning and globally recognised mooting program and the opportunity to study units in Italy, Geneva and China.

You choose to gain practical legal experience advising real clients and managing real cases through our legal clinic: Southern Communities Advocacy Legal Education Service (SCALES), unique to Murdoch.

Discover our Law and Criminology courses
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Discover Engineering

We believe you should have access to a globally connected Engineering education right here in Perth.

When you choose Engineering at Murdoch, you choose to work towards real world solutions for real world problems.

You choose to study in facilities identical to what you’d find in the real world.

You choose to make a difference by exploring current topics like biofuels, climate change and desalination.

You choose to learn from award-winning, world-class researchers including those in our Resources Engineering and Extractive Metallurgy area who recently received a rating higher than any other School in WA.

We produce highly skilled graduates who are well prepared to pursue careers in challenging and dynamic sectors.

Discover our Engineering courses
Picture of SWM Graduate School

Discover Public Policy and International Affairs

We believe you should have access to a globally connected education right here in Perth.

When you choose the Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs you choose a unique opportunity to engage with important policy issues.

You choose to study alongside leading academics and students from around the world.

You choose the fastest growing school of its kind in Australia.

You choose to enhance your career trajectory in the worlds of government, multi-nationals, non-government organisations and international institutions.

The Sir Walter Murdoch School offers you Masters coursework degrees in Public Policy and Management, International Affairs and Development Studies.

Discover our Public Policy and International Affairs courses

FAQ videos

The most common questions we get asked in the Murdoch Student Centre!

Learn more about getting in to university, how to apply, and more answers to common questions in these video interviews with our Student Advisors.

Courses & Atars

Learn more about our exciting new degrees, or browse around 200 courses that Murdoch has on offer for 2014.



Kyle Hughes-Odgers   •  Help is on the Way(detail)   •  UV grade enamel spray paint on marine plywood   •  Commissioned by Murdoch University 2010   •  Image courtesy of the artist ©

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Our students

Picture of Brenton

"Why did you choose Murdoch?"

Murdoch is a very practical university, with a strong emphasis on developing a students' motivation as well as their academic skills. The academics are personable and approachable and my studies here have given my career a huge head start.

Picture of Joanna

"Why did you choose Murdoch?"

I looked at different universities, but Murdoch seemed like the most appealing one to me. It had a good website and reflected a young, vibrant atmosphere. I enjoy studying at a modern, progressive university with great teachers!

Picture of Yona

"Why did you choose Murdoch?"

I chose Murdoch because I was inspired by research presentations given by Murdoch lecturers at a conference I attended. I knew Murdoch would mould me to be skilful in handling policy matters in a dynamic world. I’d recommend Murdoch because of the great learning facilities, the skills obtained through this degree will enable me to serve the Malawi government in areas of policy, with greater knowledge.

Trevor Richards   •  Workout   •  2008   •  acrylic on canvas   •  purchased by Murdoch University 2009   •  Image courtesy of the artist ©